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Features and Benefits


  • Find and display songs quickly and easily
  • Preview all slides if you have more than one monitor (or internal display)
  • SongBeamer will find the best font size for the slides
  • Present songs in more than one language at once
  • Text outline and shadow effects ensure that your congregation can read the text easily on almost any background
  • Import songs from CCLI SongSelect
  • Unicode support for international characters (like Russian, Chinese, ...)
  • Use transitions when changing slides
  • Print sheets for your worship band from the same source as your presenter. You can even add guitar tabs, that will be kept at the correct position even when you resize the text!
  • Transpose songs into a different key
  • Songs are saved in individual files, so you can easily transfer yours songs between several PCs
  • Unicode support for Songs
  • Edit song texts while running the presentation


  • Find and display scripture
  • Over 100 bible translations in different languages available
  • Look up verses using book name, chapter and verse
  • Quickly search a phrase in the entire bible
  • Show up to two translations at the same time


  • Import songs texts from PowerPoint® slides
  • Display and PowerPoint® slides using PowerPoint 2003 to 2016 or the free PowerPoint Viewer 2003/2007


  • Play videos
  • Use videos as song background
  • Play DVD videos (if you have a MPG2/DVD Codec installed)
  • Use a live video source as background
  • Present videos encoded in Adobe® Flash® format (*.flv)
  • Present animations encoded using Adobe® Flash® (*.swf, *.exe)


  • Display almost any image you get the minute before the service starts (i.e. *.jpg, *.bmp, *.png, *.psd, *.gif, ...)
  • Create slide shows
  • Display XPS documents
  • Display PDF documents


  • Multi monitor support for distraction free presentations
  • Display message alerts to your congregation without worrying about the text length. SongBeamer will scroll it automatically for you.
  • Preview all slides before the congregations sees them.
  • Work around presentation size limits of your projector. SongBeamer can scale down the presentation size for you if needed.


System requirements Windows:
  • Pentium III or higher
  • At least 128MB memory
  • 50 MB available disk space
  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 7, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 10
  • A PC or notebook with two video outputs is recommended
System requirements Mac:
  • Apple Macintosh with OSX 10.7, OSX 10.8, OSX 10.9, OSX 10.10 OSX 10.11
  • SongBeamer for OSX is a new application and does not yet have all of the features listed above

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